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Social distance dipping.

Is skinny dipping the ultimate social distance activity? 

Let’s look at the pros: It gets you away from crowds. It gets you out the house. It’s good for mental health. It’s good exercise. It’s an escape from everything that’s going on in the world. You don’t need any money, anyone else or anything at all in fact, except your own skin. Sounds like the perfect activity in this social distance covid world, wouldn’t you say?

It dawned on me during lockdown that what Scott has been teaching me this past year (how to find these remote hidden swimming spots and where the out-the-way unknown camping spots are) is the ultimate social distance strategy. In the forest you can forget about covid, you can forget about the problems of the world and just enjoy the trees. When you’re getting off the beaten path to seek out skinny dipping spots you don’t need to worry about social distancing because there’s no-one around. If there are others around then it ain’t a good skinny dipping spot and you better move on. Turns out Scott is a master of social distancing, he’s been doing it for years. Thanks to his skills I was able to fly to the US during a global pandemic, continue to do what I love and not be at any risk of the virus. Skinny dipping=social distancing!

Peace & quiet in the forest

There’s no denying that this covid bullshit is getting everyone down. But we gotta roll with the punches aye!? Got to adapt and try to make the best of the situation. A great time to try something new I figure. 

Why not search for that secret little swim hole where you can be naked and free? We can’t be as social as usual, but we can use this time to get to know ourselves better and to get to know our natural world better. Get exploring in your own backyard, see what your home country has to offer. If you’re desperate for something new and exciting right now after spending so much time at home, if you fancy some adventure, liberation or a little escape, a wild swim could be just what ya need. A wild swim without your swim suit could be even more of an adventure! 

Find a secluded spot, throw off your suits and have an adventure!

As I’ve bleeted on about in previous blog posts, skinny dipping is one of the best ways to connect with nature, and an incredible way to connect with yourself, build your self esteem and self confidence. If the state of our world has been getting you down or if you’re feeling anxious or fed up, then the calming effect of the water could really help. I believe a little more connection to nature can be a great remedy for all when times are tough. 

Could this be the age of the skinny dip!?!

It’s the perfect way to social distance. Looking for a spot to skinny dip forces you to go a little further off the path, a little further up the river, away from the crowds, away from the towns. In spending this time alone in nature you might just find some respite from the world’s problems. You might find some peace from your own personal problems. You might even discover something new about yourself or discover a wonderful new hobby. Or, hey if you don’t like it then no-one ever even needs to know you tried it. What have you got to lose? I mean, there’s not much else going on right now. 

What have you got to lose?

9 thoughts on “Social distance dipping.

  1. Ugh, this blog makes me want to travel so badly!! Thank you for writing it (and how do I get this job!? lol 😉 ). I live in Mid-Missouri, USA, surrounded by a vast majority of closed-minded people that can’t understand how freeing it is to be naked, and how it is not “lude and inappropriate” (much less, there is nowhere to openly be naked!). I was apparently born in the wrong place! I so look forward to being able to travel to some fun and free-spirited destinations after the pandemic is over, trying to make a list as I surf. 🙂 Please keep doing what you are doing as some of the rest of us live vicariously through you, haha! And, for any reading this, please suggest any places to add to my list…and hoping I can find some naked friends along the way that feel as comfy as I do sans clothing! 🙂


  2. Hi Kate,

    Having just read your Blog i am sitting here in oar of your philosophies and adventure’s around our beautiful country. My wife and i have spent many years getting naked in the nature where and when possible, if we are biking, skiing (Water or snow), surfing, boating, paddle boarding or just out for a skinny dip in a secluded location its just the greatest feeling in the world.

    Can’t wait to buy your book and explore some of the places that will be in there, many of which I’m sure we have visited and many many more yet to explore and if we were lucky enough to meet you on your travels maybe even add to your stories.

    This is the age of the Skinny Dip keep leading the way 🙂


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